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Yes or No?

Do-it-yourself jobs are becoming more and more popular. Especially now with all this technology out, it shows you step by step how to complete a certain task or job. Whether it’s a video presentation of someone doing the task or a specific picture diagram with steps it’s pretty simple to figure out what you should do. And more homeowners are taking advantage of this to save some extra bucks. I myself am a big believer in DIY jobs. Here are some reasons why I am a proud supporter of DIY. 

Firstly, you get to learn something that you never really thought you would be able to do. I recently changed some flooring on my home, and the thought of doing such a big project seemed scary to me at first. But once I did some research I realized that it really isn’t that hard. With the right tools and equipment and of course the right step by step presentation I figured it out and it was actually fairly simple. After I finished there was a sense of relief that I accomplished something on my own without hiring a contractor or a professional. And I am glad that I learned to do such a project. In the future if I ever need to doing some flooring I can proudly say that I can complete the job myself. And even better, it gives me bragging rights to friends and families. And if they ever need work done I can offer a helping hand and also teach them how to do it.

Another reason why I believe in DIY is that it saves you a good chunk of money. Changing the floor to my home saved me a couple hundred dollars compared to hiring a contractor to come and do the job for me. Who doesn’t like saving some extra money so you can spend it on something that makes you happy. Like an extra vacation or buying a gift for some or even for yourself. And that is easily achieved by doing the project yourself. Nowadays it’s hard to find an honest and trustworthy contractor or service provider that will give you an honest and fair quote. We have all heard of those horror stories of companies charging a ridiculous price for something that is way less expensive. And that is something that we definitely don’t want to be apart of. That’s why there are so many DIY jobs because we get to save a ton of money doing the project ourselves.

And lastly, the reason why I am a firm believer in DIY is that it could be something fun and enjoyable. This is something that could easily be overlooked when doing a DIY project. But it is definitely something I noticed when completing my own DIY project. Sure maybe the fun part wasn’t doing actual physical labor but for the most part when doing a DIY job you get to do it with a friend or family member. And what better way to spend time with a spouse or a family member or a close friend than to take a couple hours out of your day and complete a job. You get to put your brains together and try to figure out each step to complete the project. I think of it as solving a puzzle or figuring out a riddle. And if you think about it you could even get together an old group of buddies that you haven’t seen in a while and reunite.  

Thinking about all these reasons you would probably think that you would be dumb not to make your garage door repair or installation a DIY project. But here are my thoughts on why I think a garage door project should definitely not be a DIY for a homeowner. The main and only reason is that it is extremely dangerous. When dealing with a garage door you are also dealing and handling all the moving parts. One of the most dangerous things on a garage door is the springs. Those springs are under hundreds of pounds of pressure, and one wrong move can get you seriously injured. The door itself weighs a couple hundred pounds depending on what door or if it’s insulated or has windows. And if you don’t have the door running smoothly it can come crashing down at a great speed and seriously injure or possibly even kill someone. 

I’m all for getting things done on your own and saving some extra money but when it comes to Portland garage door repair or installation I would say to leave it to the professionals. Sure you might have to pay them to get the work done but at least you are saving possibly a finger or sparing you from harm. We should leave the more serious jobs to the pros because that’s what they are trained to do. Alpha Garage Doors does the best garage door repair Portland has seen. Give us a call today (503) 707-6264 and we won’t charge an arm or a leg. 

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