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When your garage door suddenly stops working, most of the time it is very simple and there could be an easy fix. Here is a list put together of common problems and their solutions. We need to specify that these problems are simple and if the solutions provided do not solve them, you will have to contact or call the professionals. Alpha Garage Doors (503) 707-6264. We do the best Garage Door Repair Portland has seen.

 1. The door does not open from the button or the remote control

When the door no longer responds to the controls on the button or the remote control, the simplest cause is the disconnection from the power source that ensures the functionality of the automation.

Like any problems with electronics, in our case, the engine was disconnected from the socket.  Check the outlet to which the motor is connected and plug it back in if disconnected. 

It is also possible that the circuit breaker, or the outlet that controls the circuit may be burned or defective. If you find that other electrical circuits or lights are not working, you will have to reset the motor or replace the burned components. If the switch repeatedly triggers, it is a sign that somewhere in the system there is a short circuit.

Finally, if none of the above causes apply, this means that the motor is burnt out and you will need a new one and the help of a professional to replace it. 

2. The garage door does not respond to commands from the remote control or the wall mount button

There are several possible problems when the garage button or remote control no longer sends commands:

 – Approaching the door, the receiving antenna of the motor may not capture the signal transmitted by the remote control. Modern garage door openers are basically small radios that have a certain spot that no longer reaches and a few extra feet can affect their functionality.

 – Make sure the antenna on the motor is in good condition and has no defects. 

 – If the motor works with the wall button but not with the remote control, the batteries of the remote control may be out. 

 – Reprogram the remote control or opener button.  Electronics can lose their configurations over time, requiring a reset or refresh. Each type of garage door opener has a certain programming method, which is found in the products owner instructions manual. 

3. The door does not close completely

If the garage door opens completely, but only partially closes, there is a possibility that one of the three major problems may apply to you:

 – The limitation switch may require adjustments. Your garage door has some limiters that tell the motor when to stop operating as a result of the complete closing / opening of the door. If one of these is set incorrectly, it can prevent the door from closing completely. It can also cause the door to send mixed signals. The closing limiter is a precautionary measure necessary for all openers for garage doors, preventing the door from closing over a person or object. Adjusting the limiter will stop the door from functioning chaotically. Garage doors are different and will need different adjustments in terms of limiters;  we recommend that you consult the opener instructions manual or talk to a professional. 

 – Safety sensors may require adjustments or realignment. Near the bottom of the garage door, on both sides, you’ll find sensors that require a clear line of sight between them. If the line between the two sensors is free, the door will close without any problems. However, if something blocks the line between them, the door will not close completely. In most cases, the door will stop or open back up, and the LED light will blink to announce that something is not working properly. Make sure nothing blocks these sensors. Sometimes, leaves or dust can block their line of sight. If this happens, the cause may be the vibration of the door when opening and closing, which means that the garage door and opener will need adjustments. 

 -Another problem can be broken or rusty wheels.  Replacing them or lubricating them will help the garage door close all the way. 

4. The door reopens as it approaches the floor in the closing process

This can have two causes:

 – The garage door opener has an adjusting wheel that controls the force with which they close – the pressure not the door can be closed before the motor stops.  When the door reverses the actions as it approaches the floor in the closing process, that rotating force used requires adjustments. The friction of the wheels of the door inside the rails opens the opening to consider that the door has reached the floor, and the opening must be adjusted for a lower sensitivity

 – Broken or rusty wheels may be the cause of reopening. They can create more friction and stop the door from closing completely. Make sure the wheels and rails are well lubricated, preventing excessive friction. 

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5. The garage door opens back up as soon as it hits the floor

This problem also comes from the limiter. Adjust the rotary limiter slowly until the door reaches the floor and remains closed.

6. The garage door does not open completely

When the door opens properly but not completely, the causes could be:

 – The opening limiter may require a position closer to the motor. This limiter is usually a simple lever mounted at the end of the rail near the engine. If it is too far from the motor, the door will stop before making a complete opening circuit. The solution is to move the limiter closer to the motor. This is a somewhat rare problem and usually arises after changing the motor. 

 – Damaged wheels can prevent the door from completing a full opening course. Make sure they are always lubricated and in good working order

7. The garage door does not open in winter

Sometimes a garage door that closes perfectly does not open in winter.  If this happens, look for the rotary for adjusting the motor sensitivity when opening.  Especially in winter, when the wheels are prone to frost, the door opening may fail. Lubricating them will also help. Sensitivity adjustment methods differ from one opener to another, so please refer to the related instruction manuals.

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