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When it comes to choosing a garage door there are many different options to choose from. And for each type of garage door there are many different colors and designs you can choose from as well. In this article we won’t be discussing the different colors or designs but rather the structure and the type of garage doors. In this article I decided to talk about sectional garage doors. They are currently the most popular option when building or renovating a home, nearly 80% of people choose sectional garage doors when deciding on a door. The reason for such a high percentage is the many benefits associated with them. For years, the use of the garage has been associated with the need to get out of the car, open the car door and return to the car. Having your car parked in the garage is great compared to getting soaked with heavy Portland rains if your car was parked outside. 

Here are some of the advantages of sectional garage doors. 

 1. Space saving. Because the door opens vertically upwards, it moves on the tracks located under the ceiling. The garage door does not require additional space for the movement of the car door. Thus, we can have a small access path when we need to travel from the garage to inside our home or if we are just trying to navigate through the garage. An added advantage too this is that we do not have to pay attention to the bad weather conditions in winter. Having heavy rainfall and snow will not affect us too much because we can park our vehicle in the garage without a problem of limited space. And since we can park our car in the garage we have the option to finally decorate our home like we always wanted. A popular trend we see nowadays is people putting large flower pots on the sides in front of the garage door. It creates a unique look to your home and I also think it looks great with the garage door. And we don’t risk overturning or possibly breaking the flower pots with our car doors because we can fit them inside the garage.

 2. Safety. Sectional garage doors are designed not only for our safety, but also of the entire home. The structural setup of these sections include: panels, hinges, springs, etc. And they are to prevent cracks and bending. The door frames are meant to withstand some pretty solid hits from other obstacles like your car without taking the whole door down. And if the door does come off the tracks the cables and the tension of the springs will still hold the door intact. Another thing to talk about when considering safety is if it can stand against thefts and break in attempts. Because sectional doors consist of identical elements (segments) connected through flexible connectors, they are more resistant to damage, which can prevent break in attempts. When people try to break into homes they try to look for the weakest spot to hit. But because of the way sectional garage doors are built it would make it extremely difficult and would take a very long time to break in. 

 3. Economical. Sectional doors are especially recommended in energy saving homes. The panels used to make up the sections are built with a strong steel exterior frame and then are filled with a special insulation foam. And each section interlock with each other when they close so there is a tight seal. Sectional garage doors have a high rated R-value, which measures the insulation level. Therefore, we have effective protection against the cold or heat, which is of particular importance when the garage is built in the body of the house and when it is heated or cooled. Having a good insulated door can dramatically increase your savings when it comes to paying for your bills. 

4. Look. Another advantage of sectional garage doors is also the aesthetics of the building’s appearance. Like I stated in the beginning sectional garage doors have many different colors and designs you can choose from. So you can find the right look you want for your house. If you want a modern look or if you’re looking for a more traditional look for your home we have all those options with sectional doors. That’s why so many people choose sectional garage door doors, because it looks great on your home. Whether it’s a new construction build or if you just want to improve the curb appeal of your home, this is a great option. 

 5. Easy Access. Another great advantage of sectional doors is it’s easy access and use of the door. The convenience of using the garage is not only connected to the car. We often keep bicycles, tools, old moving boxes, and anything else we like to hoard in there. Which means that easy opening and closing of the door is a great advantage when looking at garage doors. It creates an easy step for us when we try to grab something from the garage. 

6. Maintenance. The last thing I would like to talk about when considering sectional garage doors is that it is easily maintained and easily worked on by professionals. Here are some easy fixes for homeowners. Not only is it great for homeowners but it is great for garage door pros who need to fix a problem on the door without having to cost you thousands of dollars. Here at Alpha Garage Doors we can help you with any of your Portland garage door repair problems you may have. 

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